Roadmap for the month of June was released before our ILO on May 22 and PugSwap team is happy to reach first goal as of June 2 when our promotional staking program is launched at

There has been a tremendous interest to the staking program and as of today more than 6,500,000 PugSwap tokens are staked.

In today’s release, the functionality for the stakers to see their ongoing reward balance is added and some minor bug fixes are made. Development team is planning to update every Monday until our mainnet release in July. Now as DEV team feels comfortable about the functionality of the staking app, they started to focus more on UI/UX design while of our main focus will remain on the development of smart contracts to ensure their security for our users.

Regarding our UI/UX design and graphic assets, I would like to share a great news with you. We hired a new designer and as of today, she started working on our team. She has a lot of experience in UI design so we feel that she will add a tremendous value to the project.

PugSwap team showed a big commitment to the project by doing an additional PUG/BNB injection to our PancakeSwap liquidity pool on June 5 which is equal to an increase by 100%. PugSwap token buyers/sellers are now capable to do bigger amount of trades in less volatile market conditions. All our LP tokens are locked via UniCrypt and TrustSwap.

See you next week!

BinanceSmartChain Contract Address: 0xfd85e6e3f0985ec0e03c4783d4ad6918d184b89d