Hello PugSwap Fam!

As the lead developer of PugSwap, I would like to share our development progress with you.

As you know, we successfully launched https://app.pugswap.org with it’s new look a few weeks ago and added staking options for PUG/PUG and PUG/WBNB.

On Monday, August 23, we will open the…

DEV team released new version of PugSwap (app.pugswap.org) today. I would like to briefly talk through what is done and what you should expect us to deliver on our DEX.

PugSwap Decentralized Exchange

PugSwap is a decentralized exhange adopting the automated market maker model. It has six features: Trade, Pools, NFT Pet Market…

Hello PugSwap Fans!

This has been an exciting few months for PugSwap since the token launch. We completed another milestone yesterday by completing the promotional staking event and distributing the rewards. Stakers who staked for the full month of June recieved a very convincing 2750% APR return.

Our fully functional…

Lottery Feature

As mentioned earlier, we have been working on the lottery contract and the lottery feature will be added to app.pugswap.org this week. Our lottery contract comes with a Chainlink partnership. We are integrating Chainlik VRF (On-Chain Verification of Randomness) on our lottery contract to ensure the winners will…

Roadmap for the month of June was released before our ILO on May 22 and PugSwap team is happy to reach first goal as of June 2 when our promotional staking program is launched at app.pugswap.org

There has been a tremendous interest to the staking program and as of today…

Hello PugSwap Holders!

We decided to launch a promotional locked staking prior our Mainnet Launch to boost returns of our PugSwap Token ($PUG) holders.

$PUG holders are able to lock their tokens for an APR of 2,500% via app.pugswap.org

End Date: July 1st

Duration: July 1st – Lock Date

Max Token Distribution: 50,000,000 PugSwap tokens

Max Participation Amount: 100,000 PugSwap tokens

You can buy PugSwap Token via PancakeSwap

Contract address: 0xfd85e6e3f0985ec0e03c4783d4ad6918d184b89d

We would like to remind you that our 95% of total token supply is locked till our mainnet launch in July. You may read our tokenomics paper here: https://pugswap.medium.com/pugswap-ecosystem-2dc9ba5a15ca

Do not forget to join our telegram channel: https://t.me/pugswap

Happy Staking!


Jan (Philippines PugSwap Ambassador): Where are you based in?

Fart Father (PugSwap Founder): Our company is based in Estonia.

Jan: Anyway you’ve mentioned to add the exchange listing on 27th in CEX/DEX. Can you share what’s your target exchange please? …

Decentralized Exchange

PugSwap protocol will empower liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

PugSwap is a decentralized exhange adopting the automated market maker model.

Similar to other platforms using the AMM model, there is no order book to match buyers…

Hello cryptolovers!

We are excited to share our first story on medium. Today, I will give you some information about what we are building as Pug Swap. Although we recently launched our website and our social media accounts, we are working on Pug Swap for quite some time. …

Pug Swap

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